60th Anniversary Edition Commentary of New Testament Epistles: Paul's Prison Epistles: A Commentary by Gareth L Reese

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This special edition of New Testament Epistles: Paul’s Prison Epistles has been made possible by gifts in honor of Gareth Reese’s 60 years of teaching and Central Christian College of the Bible’s 60th anniversary.  It is our gift to thank friends of the College who make a special donation of $60. It will be autographed by the author, and it includes a commemorative dust jacket that includes classic Bible art, protects the book, and describes Professor Reese's career at Central.

Paul’s Prison Epistles applies Gareth Reese’s responsible Biblical scholarship to examine the New Testament letters of Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, and Philemon in a verse-by-verse commentary.

As an author, Professor Reese has written extensive course syllabi on twenty-five books of the New Testament and a syllabus of 400 pages of supplementary notes for use in Greek classes at Central Christian College of the Bible.

His first book, New Testament History: Acts, has been used as a textbook at many Bible colleges. It has been translated into Russian and Portuguese. In addition to the syllabi, he has also published the commentaries pictured below.

Gareth Reese’s commentaries are available for purchase from the bookstore at Central Christian College of the Bible using several convenient methods of shopping.

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